Standard blood tests will not reveal the free

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    Standard blood tests will not reveal the free or active levels of this hormone, hence saliva hormone testing is required. As well as testing for testosterone, it is important to also check your estrogen levels, as in many men a large amount of testosterone is converted into estrogen. This is not what you want, as estrogen is responsible for fat gain, prostate PerformX Testo problems, low libido and other unwanted effects. It's important to also know how to interpret the test results of the tests - even if your testosterone is in the "normal" range, what does that mean? Do you want to be in the normal range for a 70 yr old man? Not really. The aim of testosterone therapy is to boost your testosterone levels to those of a healthy 30yr old man. Testosterone Therapy Male hormone replacement therapy doctors who use natural testosterone correctly will be able to quickly and safely restore normal health and function to men that are deficient in testosterone. However, the key word here is "correctly". There are many types of testosterone available and knowing which one to use and how is crucial to your success with testosterone therapy.