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    I really enjoy Skyblock as a whole and it is namely why I joined this server. However, I do feel like the Skyblock server that currently exists on the server is way too vanilla for me, and I'm sure some other players would feel the same. I propose that we add an OP Skyblock in addition to the one that currently exists. Things I personally would love to see in this server (if it happens):

    1. Custom enchants: I go over this in another thread of mine, which you can find here. To recap my other thread, for those of you who don't want to a totally different thread:
    I think adding custom enchants is a great idea. I know some already exist, at least on Skyblock, but I dislike the idea of only getting some through perk keys. Examples of these enchants could include:
    A. "Telepathy" - Automatically teleports whatever you just mined into your inventory which is very helpful for basic cobble gen users by reducing the amount of items that accidentally burn in lava. It can be used for picks, axes, and shovels.
    B. "Autosmelt" - Automatically smelts ore/cobble/other things you mined but takes away experience you would normally get from mining things like coal or diamond. Can be put on any tool that applies.
    C. "Experience" - Gives back experience lost while mining something with "Autosmelt" on your tool of choice. It could have levels that determine how much experience you get from mining. "Experience 1" could give you a normal amount of XP while mining whereas "Experience 4" could possibly give 10 to 20 times that amount, or possibly more than that if it's decided that's needed. It could have a level cap to stop it from becoming too OP. Can put on any tool that applies.
    D. "Reparation" - Based on an already existing enchant - "Iceforge". This could use your experience levels to repair your items, or it could repair your items while you walk.​
    I think a space at spawn should be made for them, with an NPC which brings up the custom enchant box when right-clicked. They should be sold using experience levels, and "prices" could be based on their value. "Telepathy" could be 30 levels whereas "Reparation" could be 50 levels.
    Side Note: I would really encourage people to go read my other thread, though. It has a lot more to it and I am always open to hearing other people's suggestions for custom enchants.​

    2. OP Islands:
    Previous servers I've played on have had a pre-made island (or multiple pre-made islands) you could buy at spawn for a certain amount of in-game money. These islands were bigger/more detailed than the starter islands you got and were usually about $1,500,000 to $3,000,000 depending on the island.
    Side Note: Something I'd like to possibly see is an "Island Creation" competition so that some of the regular users' builds are recognized (and maybe actually used) instead of just the builders' builds. Don't get me wrong, the server builders are doing a great job and I love them but I've only participated in 1 server activity as of yet and this is something I'd definitely be interested in doing.​

    3. Shop Changes: I think that along with the possible addition of an OP server, we should get to see some changes to the shop, primarily to the kinds of things we can sell/buy. I would love to be able to sell redstone, diamonds, and maybe other blocks players might come across that aren't currently even shown in the shop (like snow and glowstone). This would add

    4. Island Advertisement: I think it'd be fun to have someplace in spawn for people to advertise their island if they wanted to. Some sort of NPC could be set up so that when you click on it, it brings up the advertisement menu. People could bid to have an advertisement and the top 5 or 10 people with the highest bid would get those spots and the people who got out-bidded would get their money returned to them. The people with the highest bids would have their heads show up to represent them in the NPC menu, and the NPC menu could be set up so that if others wanted to go to one of the bidder's islands, they could click on the head of that person and automatically warp there.

    5. New Manashop Additions: I'd also really like to see new gem shop additions. A lot of the things that are already in the gem shop aren't necessarily things I'd want (Aside from the $750 of in-game money for 10 gems. I'm actually really down for that). Maybe we could include different gem to money options, or some other new perks that aren't currently seen on the server. I personally would love to see a gem-to-credit option (or vice-versa), but I also know that's probably a stretch given the amount of people with an insane amount of gems.

    6. Introduction of "Mob Whacker": A Mob Whacker is something that could help users who have stacked mobs in their grinders or farms. Instead of wasting a large amount of time trying to kill them all, they have the option of purchasing one of these (either from the official ManaCube store or in-game) to kill the mobs. The Mob Whacker could start off by only killing a few mobs every time said mobs get hit with it, but could be upgrade-able (using something like in-game money or levels) to upgrade it and increase the number of animals/mobs that get killed. I was thinking this Mob Whacker could somehow be it's own weapon in-game but it alternatively could be added in as a custom enchant to put on weapons and could used with other enchants, like "Looting", "Fire Aspect", or one of the previously mentioned custom enchants.
    Side Note: When I say the Mob Whacker could be it's own weapon in-game, I mean it could take the shape of a different item but act as a weapon. I've only ever played one server that had some form of a Mob Whacker but their version of the it looked like a blaze rod and acted like a sword. Again, this could somehow be added in as a custom enchant.​

    7. Credits: I don't know if something like trading credits is possible but I think it would be a good addition to an OP server. Credits could be traded between players for gems, in-game money, or something else that the players decide upon before trading.

    These are the main things I'd love to see if an OP Skyblock server gets added. I'm sure other people could have their own ideas of what they'd like to see. Overall, I would really like to see an OP Skyblock and I hope that it gets taken into consideration at the very least.
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