Islands - Help Guide


Oct 13, 2017
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Islands - The *complete* help guide*

What does this include?

- Short introduction to islands
- Difference between Skyblock and Islands
- Helpful commands
- Islands / Skyblock staff

- Elder guardian information
- "Aim of the Game"
- What is silver?
- Spawners - A Quick Guide
- Money making - A Quick Guide
- FAQ (Questions from players and Answers from me)
- All astrix's answered

What is Islands?

Islands is a unique gamemode to Manacube, very similar to Skyblock.
However, Skyblock is an Island that is floating in the air, with nothing around it. Islands is surrounded by water.

Skyblock and Islands, the main differences


Pirate theme
"Silver" instead of "Mana"
Surrounded by water

Can use water to kill mobs instead of lava**
Doesn't have ranks
Doesn't have ancient trials

Does have a singular fightable boss - "Elder Guardian in /warp boss"


More of a generic theme
"Mana" as a secondary currency
Surrounded by the void

Can only use lava to kill mobs automatically
Has ranks 1 - 10
Has ancient trials - 10 waves, boss at the end

Only has ancient trials for a boss, no singular one

Starter commands for islands: [Commands in Purple, what they do in white]

============================ Island Specific Commands ===========================

/is go - Takes you straight to your island
/ai - Also takes you straight to your island
/is - Brings up a GUI for all your settings for your island
/is settings - Brings up your settings for your island
/is invite <username> - Invites a friend or other player you want to be in your island - *Be careful when using this command, and make sure you trust the player you're inviting!*
/is upgrade - This will load the GUI for upgrading your island, more info further down
/challenges - This will load the challenges menu, more further down
/is team - This will show everyone on your island
/chat or /is chat - This will load a chat that only people part of your island can see

/is sethome - Set's where you want to spawn after doing /ai or /is go

============================ Economy commands ===========================

/bal - Shows you how much money you have
/money - Also shows you how much money you have
/pay <player> <amount> - Pays a user cash
/silver pay <player> <amount> - Pays a user silver
/Silver give <player> <amount> - Also pays a user silver
/shop - Takes you to the server shop
/silvershop - Takes you to the silver shop, where you can buy rarer items, and upgrade your island by clicking the grass block
/quest shop - Takes you to the quest shop, where you can spend your quest points, obtained from completing /quests
/gamble - Loads up the GUI for gambling (This isn't very popular anymore)
/cf help - Shows the commands to create a coinflip [Currently Disabled]
/rps help - Shows the commands to create Rock Paper Scissors game [Currently Disabled]
/jackpot help - Shows the commands to create a jackpot [Currently Disabled]

============================ Most helpful warps ===========================

/spawn - Takes you to spawn
/warp crates - Takes you to the Ancient, Perk & Legendary crates [Those can be bought on the store]
/warp vote - Takes you to the vote crate [Those can be retrieved from voting]
/warp grinder - Is a wonderful warp for grinding mobs
/warp enchanter - Takes you to where you can get custom enchants - or you can use /ce for a GUI
/warp boss - When you want to fight the Elder Guardian, you fight here, his egg cannot be placed anywhere else.
/warp pvp - Where you can fight others, if you want your stuff back after being killed, you can ask, but they don't have to.
/warp shop - This is a more long-winded way of getting to /shop, much easier to type /shop

============================ Misc Commands ===========================

/ce - Opens the "custom enchant" menu
/enchant <enchant name> - Shows you all the info for the entered enchant
/q or /quest - Shows you quests you can complete
/warp - Shows all available warps
/is warps - Shows all island warps, see further down for how to setup an island warp

*If I missed anything feel free to let me know!*

Current Islands Staff:

Selfoccate (Me) - Mod+
_3G_ - Mod
_Woolfie - Mod

Slime_Lord101 - Mod

The Elder Guardian

The Elder Guardian is a boss on islands which can be bought with 4000 silver from /silvershop or if someone is selling it on /ah.

Unlike Skyblock, you only need to fight 1 mob / boss, with Skyblock, you have 9 rounds before the 10th round of the boss.

When (if) you defeat the boss, you will be told to go to the beacon. Once you go to the beacon, right click the chest and click the green pane. Once you've done that, right-click the chest you are given, you will get 5 rewards. Anywhere from money, to legendary keys or heroic enchants.

When you fight the boss, you don't need to worry about losing your stuff if you die, you will not lose your items, but you will lose your EXP, so I strongly suggest you withdraw it with the command /bottle get [amount] or max. Players will sometimes come to help you defeat the boss, they do not get rewards, if they ask for something, of course you can give them something, but you aren't obligated to.

The Elder guardian will have multiple spells which it will cast on you. Here they are:

- Intense Nausea
- Spawn "Minions" - These are smaller guardians
- "Clone" - It will clone itself the clone with less health
- Water - Will turn the glass floor, into water, of course, giving you poison and hunger.

So what is the aim of the game?

To be honest, there isn't really one, more just get rich and make a nice island. You can't "finish" the game as such.

What is Silver?

Silver is islands second currency, like "mana" on Skyblock, but renamed to fit the theme of Pirates on Islands. Silver can be spent on /silvershop where you can buy multiple other things including:

- Boss Eggs
- Treasure Keys
- Sell Wands
- Islands Upgrades
- Etc

Silver can be obtained from:

- Grinding
- Playing
- Daily rewards on /gary

- Farming
- Buying it
- Completing /quest's

Silver will usually sell for $200k for 1000 silver


Spawners are a more expensive way to earn cash, but a very good way, the best spawner is probably an Iron Golem spawner, however, it is the second most expensive coming in at $3 million, the most expensive being a Wither Skeleton Spawner, which is only useful for the "Make 50 beacons" quest. That comes in at $7.5 Million. Spawners can be used in a variety of ways, such as for grinding, or AFK Farming, I'm not going to go through how to make an AFK Farm here, but there are probably hundreds of different videos online to watch. You can always find me in game and I can try to help or make one for you for free.

The best-cheapest automatic farm, is probably a cow farm, they can be killed in lava or water (lava is better because it automatically cooks their meat). It's really simple to make!

Money Making

There are multiple different ways to make money on Islands, one example is above, mob spawners, be that grinding or automatically farming. My favourite way to make money, when I first came into season 4, is fish farming, this can be done by fishing for a while an selling all the fish you collect in /fish shop, depending on the length and rarity of each Fish, you can get anywhere from $50 to $15000 per fish! Please note Auto-Fish Farms are not allowed on Manacube and you will be punished for having one.

Another way to get money, is by creating a cactus farm, another time consuming way to make money, but you've gotta put a lot of effort into this sort of stuff to get any satisfaction or money out of it. Again, I'm not going to go through exactly how to make one, because I'm sure there are multiple different videos online for that, but essentially, you place sand with a block between each time, put cactus on top of the sand, and string on top of the empty area, then repeat the process by putting sand on top of the string each time. Very simple, but can take days, if not even weeks to make a good one. But well worth it once it's completed, cactus sells for a lot when sold in mass.

The last example I have is Mob Farms, as said above, using different types of mob to get different amounts of money, be aware, this is expensive to start, and not the most helpful with only 1 or 2 spawners. You could do with 10+ to get a proper income. Please also be aware, using an autoclicker or mob-aura or anything which will let you kill these mobs automatically is prohibited on manacube. - Only Automatic mob farms where you can just leave it to do its stuff are allowed.

You can also win money from crate keys, - Vote, Ancient & Legendary. Ancient and Legendary can be bought with IRL money here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many mobs on average does it take to get 10 silver?
A: As far as I'm aware, it's quite random. I can get it every few seconds, or every few minutes. - Sorry I don't have a specific answer.
Q: How many blocks can I mine under my island before hitting water?
A: Between 15 and 20.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, feel free to reply here or catch me in-game or on Discord (All my info is on my Signature)

*It may not include everything. I am like any other human, and do not know it all. Despite my Library of Islands Information on the event spawn ;)
**Water will kill any mob, apart from Wither Skeletons and Iron Golems, as far as I'm aware.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped! If I missed anything please let me know below, in game or on Discord, and I will try my best to help and add it here.

Thanks and have a good day! ~Self
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Nov 27, 2018
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Oof Self. Thank you for the guide. My main is skyblock and I can say they are so similar. I took time to read it and it's a good guide. I might have to give it a try sometime.


Nov 11, 2018
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Hey Selfoccate!
This guide is awesome.
My main is also /skyblock (like gapplegal <3), yet i have had a very short visit to /islands in the past.
I then mainly stuck to /skyblock, due to enjoying empty space/void way more than deadly water xD.
But reading this thread all the way, I'm now convinced, it's a rather easy switch (or addition) from /skyblock to /islands. ^^
I'm gonna stick to my void for now, but will give it another try in the future for sure!
Thanks for contributing this to the community!
P.S.: I think the only thing that dies by touching water on /skyblock are Blaze and Snowgolem.
The latter finds its end really quickly from it and makes the very enjoyable sound of
dying pillows. ;) (my fav. chat "afk" spot^^)
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Dec 11, 2018
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OH MY GOSH, thank youuuu.

I tried to play Islands a while ago but didn't fully understand the point or the attraction to that game mode. This guide makes me want to give it a second try when I get some free time. Guides like these can be extremely important to new players or those who just need a bit of help.


Oct 13, 2017
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Nice to hear it's helped guys :)

I'll add the Blaze and Snow Golem shortly so thanks for reminding me Cal

Jun 20, 2019
Really enjoyed this guide -- just started Islands and I'm used to skyblock so it helped me understand how to transition between them.