1. Aozori

    /Marry to be implemented into islands.

    Hi, Me, Aozori and a few other players were wondering if /marry will be in islands. We think all the commands that come with it will be handy and it will be fun to have. Kind Regards, Aozori
  2. Aozori

    /marry in islands

    Hi, Me, Aozori and a few others were wondering if /marry will be in islands. We think all the commands that come with it will be handy and it will be fun to have. Kind Regards, Aozori
  3. LittleObamasan

    Warning before removing ground items

    How come we dont get warned before the lag clearing? It super annoying when you use a sponge etc and poof lag clearing . And if i remember right Survival have that so why can't Islands have it too?
  4. FadingGeneral

    Elder Destroyer Loot Table

    Season 4 of Islands (the current season happening) is when the first boss of the gamemode was released; the Elder Destroyer. However, upon joining the gamemode and reading about it in the announcement post months ago, we only got a taste of what different types of loot we could obtain. I was...
  5. Huskiez


    I’ve noticed that the Islands server has been very laggy and has constantly kicked me to the hub, I’ve timed out or I will have massive lag spikes where blocks are stolen from me, I’m being teleported back and my blocks that I’ve placed have disappeared and not given back to me. Is there...
  6. Cloned24

    Islands Server Went down after reboot.

    Hi, The Islands server went down a few hours ago when i contacted a mod about the massive amount of lagg (The server got rebooted). I hope it'll go up soon again as me and allot of others enjoy Islands. Thanks!
  7. Halokiller990

    New Players Leaving

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. The First Problem: I feel that the newer players to islands are just so confused on what to do so they just leave, even if we had some form of (possibly skippable or can be done again) tutorial that would be much, much better, because I...
  8. M

    I Think I Know What Causes Lag on Islands

    Hi everyone! I have come to a certain realization about the Islands server. As we know, a reset is coming soon and that Islands has been running for quite a bit. I've realized that we have had a small influx of new players joining the sever. Some to just go AFK, some to play on Islands, and...
  9. HonigBiene

    Manacube scammed all Island players..

    So, maybe some know I created a thread in the Islands Forum about all Island Vlues of every block in Island that is possible to get. Today I find out that Manaube scammed all Island players, because: Emerald blocks: Costs 135k per stack Diamond blocks: Costs 99k per stack 256 Is Level for...
  10. HonigBiene

    Higher hopper limitation for Islands..

    Hey HonigBiene here. As u saw in the title, this thread is about the limitation of hoppers in Islands, which is actually at 600 Hoppers per Island which is definitly to less. I want for the next Season, Season 4, that the hopper limitation will be set higher for players who team with other...
  11. S

    [Suggestion] Islands: Shop

    In the /shop GUI for Islands, you cannot sell feathers or wool--a key mob drop from chickens and sheep. I believe you should be able to sell these so you can make money faster without having to donate to get certain items. Having to donate to get certain items faster is a pain especially when...
  12. HonigBiene

    All Island Values/Block Level's

    Hey guys, HonigBiene is here, again xd, so i take my time for you guys to post a list of all actually blocks u can place/buy/sell or anything else with their Island Value/ Block Value/ Block Level/ Block XP Here's the list for Islands: Spawner: 4000 Island xp Emerald Block: 400 Island xp...
  13. HonigBiene

    How to get Money

    Hey and hello, its me HonigBiene again ^^ Now i will explain you how to get Money, and how to get fast, much, and ofc some ways, which are recommend to higher players who have more money so they can invest money good to get much money. So first, Hwo to get money. Well, its simple, type /sell...
  14. HonigBiene

    I will explain how to get Island level

    Hello, hello, its me again. Now I will explain you how to get Island Levels, and what they are and why they may be usefull to you :P So lets begin with the simple Question, what is Island level. Well its actually quite simple, it represent you your actually Island level, which u can refresh by...
  15. HonigBiene

    Help about Mana and McMMO for new players

    Hey, HonigBiene here :D The first thing you need to know about before we start with Mana and McMMO is, its not that easy to get, and it all take a bit of your time to gain it. So lets begin: Mana: You can use your Mana at the shop or just type /manashop to spend it, further information what u...
  16. HonigBiene

    Bug or...?

    Hey guys, I'm HonigBiene and i dont know what i've found there but, on Islands, if your Kingdom's are ready, it actually shows me like kinda a timer, which started 2 days ago. If my Kingdoms are ready and i hover with my mouse over them, it shows me like a timer, which is actually at 22 Days, 20...
  17. M

    Rejected Parkour Submission ( meduim)

    Theme: Bedwars! Creator of map: MrSnailGaming Plot: /plot visit MrSnailGaming 2 Difficulty: Meduim (or hard) Extra notes:I have made one but an admin said to add more detail so I listened to him :D. Photos:
  18. Kibba

    Do you need Money?

    Hello! i hear you needed money right? So i really want the islands server to be with fully players so im trying to help about this Reasons why is dead Money start "50" Small Island Expensive items No save inventory when you die etc. So what im tryig to do is to help players with money if you...
  19. X


    Update: From about 20 cow spawners, that stacks about 20,000 cows that's a lot of heccin cows i know don't believe me? take a look... -john (xucc)
  20. Dacon


    This update is for Skyblock and Islands I have buffed how upgraded hoppers work Old Level 1 Hopper: Cost: Free Sync Range: 10 Items Per Second: 1 Suction Range: 0 Old Level 2 Hopper: Cost: $100,000 or 60 XP Levels Sync Range: 20 Items Per Second: 2 Suction Range: 0 Old Level 3...