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  1. woolly26

    Community vote !!!

    I think that players should be allowed to choose their best staff instead of higher ranked staff members. I don't see how it might be a bad idea.
  2. woolly26

    Are rank actually worth it ?

    I think that this idea with global ranks isn't the best idea and there should be ranks for every realm because in some countries these prices are huge and in some countries it seems to be really cheap. So I want to add the option to buy ranks for different realms instead of global.
  3. woolly26

    It's me Mario

    Hello I'm woolly26 and my real name is Mario, I've been choosing this community because I said to try dacon server after playing a while on dacon's partner server. I like to see optimistic people because they make this server better like some staff members and players do. I like to see when...
  4. woolly26

    Unlucky day

    Won 10k from legendary crate And lost all of my items on the volcano because of the grappling hook rip.
  5. woolly26

    Titan shouldn`t be after God

    I think Titan rank should be below God because in greek mythology titans are weaker than gods because they are slower and they size is a huge disadvantage ,they are faster than humans but slower than gods ,but demi-gods are a little weaker than titans . As we know from some movies and greek...