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  1. Dacon

    Ancient Trials

    no cooldown
  2. Dacon

    Ancient Trials

    Ancient Trials is an intense challenge releasing on Skyblock this week, and on other games in the near future. Fight through 10 waves of different mobs to reach the final boss wave. Complete this challenge to earn Ancient Tokens to spend on exclusive & valuable rewards & for a top spot on the...
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    I don't think I have a favourite, but I like to zone out while doing parkour maps :P
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    January 2019

    | TOP VOTERS:mc_264-0: This month we had a 7 way tie, all with 155/155 votes! The vote leaderboard has now reset SinnerStar - 15 Cubits Ohna - 15 Cubits AlmightyGrindGod - 15 Cubits KatrinaLightning - 15 Cubits PIE_MAN3 - 15 Cubits JWok - 15 Cubits DopeDox - 15...
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    Count to 10 before a player posts!

  6. Dacon

    Count to 10 before a player posts!

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    Updates, Bug fixes, SB Week #12, Sneak peeks

    | WEBSITE STATS BETA:mc_399-0: Website Stats have been released! You can now view your own or other players in-game stats, level, rank, cubits & more here: You can see a "Leaderboards" and "Guilds" tab as well, which will be released in February. Only...
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    Leminno Scrambler Games

  9. Dacon

    Parkour Update

    Community Droppers :mc_154-0: Community Droppers is a new dropper category released that will contain all accepted dropper submissions by the community. Difficulty ranges from easy to expert depending on the course. You can submit a dropper map here...
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    Accepted YouTube Application

  11. Dacon

    Reviewing YouTube Application

    Your recent videos aren't minecraft related, do u have any intentions of uploading minecraft?
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    Accepted YouTuber Rank

  13. Dacon

    Kilton - Mana Shops - Bug Fixes

    Kilton the Mob Merchant :mc_397-5: Kilton has been released on Skyblock, you can find him at spawn or by typing /kilton All mobs have a 5% chance at dropping their head. You can collect and sell these heads to kilton for 1 soul each Once you've gathered enough souls, you can buy various...
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    December 2018

    no one's voting 20 times a day lol, where do you see that
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    December 2018

    | TOP VOTERS :mc_264-0: Congratulations to the top voters! @Dynsalir will be contacting you to give you your prize soon. You can also reach out to him on Discord - Dylan#8341 There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS from now until January 6th. | STAFF PROMOTIONS :mc_401-0: @SunsetMagic - Admin...
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    Vote4 was having some issues earlier because the site owner had just recently done a big update to the website, should be good now though
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    4 more hub discoveries to go... Hints? <3

    Build team room is near spawnpoint
  18. Dacon

    Christmas Update

    you can punch the chest in-game to preview rewards
  19. Dacon

    Christmas Update

    Fixing the dragonset set will = mystic set being fixed too
  20. Dacon

    Christmas Update

    | Christmas Spawns & Elf Hunt :mc_332-0: The whole network has received a Christmas make-over by the Build Team! Hub Olympus Spawn Olympus Plot Spawn Creative Spawn KitPvP Spawn Survival Spawn Parkour Spawn Parkour Map Maker Spawn Parkour Lounge Skyblock Spawn Islands Spawn Go check em out...