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Jul 4, 2014
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Dec 28, 1998 (Age: 19)
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Owner, 19, from Canada

Owner QA Team

t Dec 22, 2016

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Feb 16, 2018 at 4:44 PM
    1. X_Girlybos_X
    2. busterlef
      Also in 'claim packages' in the store says 'You're not allowed to purchase this item.'
      I was under the impression, as it says no different, that you get certain rewards monthly with this MVP package.
      Can you tell me why this doesn't seem to be working please?
    3. busterlef
      Hi Dacon,
      Today I used my credits in skyblock of 4500 to purchase a permanent rank of MVP - however it only works in skyblock.
      When I go to survival or Islands I am still a member not MVP.
    4. Ace Knight
      Ace Knight
      Dacon, When you have time I would like to speak with you about the staff on Survival. ^^ Thank you! -Ace
    5. Jack_West
      hello owner love your sever if you need any help just say :D
      1. X_Girlybos_X
        That is a creepy picture...!
        Apr 13, 2017
    6. xExperts_
      Dacon, I don't know if this is possible but, Can you change my
      Birthday to, 2005 July 5th?
      I kinda messed up with my age ;-;
      1. long93
        hi dacon can you help me,i cannot post new post
        sorry for i reply here cos i dont know how to do
        skyblock name XxkakashixX516
        hotmail cheelongkk@hotmail.com
        i lose my iron goldble,pls check with me
        i was ask my fren how can i do,than he telling me to give you comm thanks for help
        Mar 13, 2017
    7. busterlef
      Hi there I am posting about the 'CLICK HERE /ad for credits' link - this doesn't seem to have been giving any ads for at least three days - having said that twice yesterday it gave an ad but didn't register it on my credits. It seems to be the same today.
      I have seen a lot of people saying about it not giving ads, is there anything you can do?? please................
      1. Oliver8747
        ads=money and not many people are willing to put ads up unless they are 100% sure that the people will click on the ads.
        ^^Well that's just my logic, I hope I got it right :P
        Apr 8, 2017
    8. _LuNo_
      Heey Dacon,
      I've a question i'm banned for hacking a LONG LONG time ago, but that's wasn't true
      ManaCube is my favourite server, Can you please Unban me??
      1. Manyrain
        Feb 25, 2017
    9. Tristaan
      Dacon where abouts are you from Canada?
    10. busterlef
      No Manyrain you have misinterpreted what i meant - I know if you are able to get enough credits to get the permanent rank,on offer, you have for good - that was not the question - I meant - how long will the creditshop be offering the ranks 'permanently' as it used to offer them for 31 days then you had to renew again - just wondered it offer in the creditshop would be on the creditshop permanently.
    11. busterlef
      As requested it states towards the bottom of home page where it tells you about the credit shop for skyblock ...http://forums.manacube.com/
      Ranks on the credit shop are temporary ranks, and will expire 31 days after they are purchased, meaning you will have to purchase them again. end quote

      Also how long will the creditshop give permanent ranks for please...
      1. Manyrain
        Buster, pretty sure you answered your own question there.

        "...how long will the creditshop give permanent ranks for..."

        Its forever if its a permanent rank.
        Feb 15, 2017
    12. busterlef
      Hi Dacon
      Sorry to bother you but as the ingame /creditshop on skyblock now says that purchasing a rank with credits is permanent - perhaps the website should be updated too as it says only valid for 31 days. Slightly confusing to new players thanks
      1. Dacon
        Could you link me on the website to where it says 31 days please? Thanks
        Feb 14, 2017
    13. CarrotPie
      Are you busy?
    14. Matimi00
      hay dacon i need u to look at my accoutn and give me back all my stuf on sky islands a block gliched out and made me fall ca u plz help me out i had over 80 vote crates on me :(
    15. busterlef
      Hi there can someone please restart the server as the lag is extremely bad on skyblock today many thanks
    16. Travis252
      i keeps teliporting me to spawn
    17. NinjaSoraoto
      owner pls help us got one of the party member claim our devil door in devil and still build the wall let us go out also pls help us to remove owner thank you. the party name is Arcadia
    18. pagiel
      Dacon i need to talk privatly if possible.
      1. Wizful
        Dacon usually is to busy to talk. If there is anything you need help with please start a conversation with me describing your issue.
        Jan 9, 2017
      2. pagiel
        ok thanks
        Jan 9, 2017
    19. Discoverse
      alright so for the past day or so ive been able to go to manacube but with so much lag that i cant move in the hub, and it takes about five minutes for me to go to parkour, and once i do, i stay in for about 5 seconds and then the server crashes for me... help please?? this is my favorite server and its making me super frustrated
      1. Dacon
        Use the IP backup.manacube.com
        Jan 7, 2017
    20. LUL
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