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By Dacon at 12:13 PM
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Season 6 of Skyblock is releasing today @ 3:00PM EST

If you haven't already seen the announcement, and the new features/updates coming in 6.0, go read it at:

This post will show things that were not announced in the initial thread, and some more details on specific updates



Show off what you got! When you type /showcase a 9 slot chest will open where you can add whatever you'd like. Other players can see what you put in here by typing /showcase [name] or by clicking your name in chat...
By Dacon at 1:42 AM
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For the past 3 years we've done an Elf hunt in our lobbies. This year we decided to do a present hunt available on all servers (Except Creative & Lobbies. We'll be doing something else for Creative)

Your present count is tracked on the servers info sidebars.

There are 10 hidden presents in the spawns of every server. Right click them to claim them. Once you've found all 10, you will be given 2 titles!

Activate these titles by typing /title


[Parkour] All 10 presents are in Lounge & Spawn area
[Islands] All 10 presents are within the giant skull in pirate bay
[Survival] All 10 presents are at spawn
[Skyblock] All 10 presents are at spawn, most being spread throughout the warzone...
By Dacon at 3:01 PM
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  • MVP+ Kit
    - Small Money Pouch
    - 192 EXP Bottles
    - 3 Mystery Dust
    - 1 Rare Enchantment Book
    - 1 Grand Scrambler Token
    - 8 Emerald Blocks
    - 1 Beacon
  • Island Team Size limit increased to 20
  • /ext - Removes fire from yourself - no cooldown
  • /drops - Lists coordinates of dropped envoy chests
  • /spawnmob - Spawn any mob except ender dragons. Can use data values & mounts to create some pretty cool stuff (Like zombies with chain armor riding a wolf)
  • /vanish - turns you invisible, removes you from tab and removes your name from tab completions
  • Set up to 20 /sethomes
  • 3x McMMO multiplier...